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Hello GCS Parents,

First and foremost the warmest of welcomes to our new PTO Secretary Meg Burns! We are so happy to have you as a part of the GCS PTO Executive Committee. Your willingness to volunteer for this position is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you for the rest of the year!

It was a very informative evening and I am glad we had the turnout we did, although I’d hoped there would be more participation. I would like to take a moment here and pat all of us on the back for the massive strides we have made as a new PTO. I believe more than anything that we have covered most of our bases for getting information to parents. There will always be a flyer that someone didn’t get, an event that someone didn’t know about, but the other part of this is the activeness of the parent to seek out the information. I feel confident that we have done a fantastic job of making sure that the information available for those who choose see it. So great job everyone!

There was a lot of great input tonight and I am anxious to see those ideas put into motion in future. I hope that we are able to recruit more volunteers and integrate the new system of tracking these most important volunteer hours moving forward.

Thank you all for your continued participation.

Jamie Kochevar
PTO Chair

PTO Mission

The mission of the PTO is to strengthen the environment of Georgetown Community School, through creating and supporting community events that foster supporting teachers, students and parents by building relationships resulting in enhanced communication, growth, and fun.

PTO Executive Committee

Chair – Jamie Kochevar
Vice Chair – Matt Schmalz
Secretary – Megan Burns
Volunteer Coordinators – Leslee Voisard
Communication Officer – Elisa Kletter
Treasurer/School Liaison – Stacey Roland

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