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Georgetown Community School is a growing, dynamic charter school tucked away in the beautiful mountains of historic Georgetown, Colorado. We believe we are a leader in innovative education by providing preschool, physical education every day, weekly Music and Art Classes, and a stepping out program to learn about the outdoors and local history.

For K-6th grades, we utilize various curricula including Saxon Math, Into Reading, Scott Foresman Science, Step Up to Writing, and Handwriting Without Tears.

Children enrolled in our preschool class are introduced to the basic classroom structure using Creative Curriculum and traditional early education. Individualized plans facilitate growth and learning for students age 18 months and up. Tuition assistance is available and is  based on financial need.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Georgetown Community School is to provide a well-rounded, liberal arts education for our students through:

  • Providing an academically challenging education;
  • Fostering a love of learning and recognizing the potential of each student;
  • Emphasizing instruction delivery methods designed to reach all diverse styles of learners;
  • Establishing a culture that values community, citizenship, and virtuous character; and
  • Creating a center for the community, which will engage parents, neighbors, and students in a shared process of service and discovery.

Vision Statement

The Vision for achieving the above stated Mission is:

  • To expose students to the enormous range of human endeavor and content-rich academic curriculum and, recognizing that virtually all human enterprises are rooted in language and mathematics, assist them in acquiring their highest potential in literacy and numeracy. Research proven educational programs and tools will be utilized, such as Phonics-based literacy, Saxon Math, Into Reading, and Step Up To Writing.
  • To instill a joy of learning in each student by utilizing our rich local heritage and beautiful mountainous environment as an enhancement to classroom study.
  •  As a way to reach the many and varied types of learners, we will take advantage of the opportunities just outside our school’s doors to engage and enrich the scholastic experience of each student. Themes and projects will complement curriculum and areas of study, and will be integrated regularly through these experiential opportunities.
  • To foster a culture of strong citizenship and peer accountability, where responsibility to community and respect for one another is paramount and where there is zero tolerance for behavior to the contrary.
  • To provide a center for community enrichment, in which parents and community members are mentors, contributors, and learners. The school will serve adult community members through enrichment labs and classes such as online continuing education or language courses. Students will benefit from the experience of participating in community service projects and work-study programs with local businesses which will, in turn, serve the greater community.