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Due to the executive order by Gov. Jared Polis, suspending all in-person learning until April 17, 2020,  GCS teachers will be preparing learning packets for students as we move forward with the distance learning initiative.
Please continue to check your email for any updates, assignments, optional online learning opportunities and resources from your student’s teacher.
The learning packets will have a schedule for students and parents to follow with corresponding worksheets, assignments, choice menus, and more. Remember, each teacher is going to be assigning different work and the schedules might vary depending on your students grade level.
We will be sending out learning packets both electronically (through email and on the website) and in hard copy form (pick up at the school, or mailed to families) on March 31st, 2020. These packets will have school work, lessons, and activities scheduled for your student to complete. There will be enough work in the packets until at least April 17th, 2020. Please encourage your student(s) to follow the schedule designed by their teacher as it appears in the packet.
On Tuesday, March 31st, 2020 GCS will be open from 8am-3pm for packet pick ups. The front office will have a hard copy of your student(s) learning packet. There will also be information on other resources available, such as Mountain Backpacks and other charitable organizations if needed.
For the sake of illness prevention, a schedule for parents to pick up packets has been established.  You may be asked to wait outside if too many parents arrive at the same time.
– If your child’s’ last name begins with A-L, pick up your packet between the hours of 8am-11:30 am. 
– If your student’s last name begins with M-Z, pick up your packet between 12 pm-3 pm. 
If you are feeling ill in any way, please DO NOT visit the school.
 If you are unable to receive the packet via email OR you are unable to come in to pick up in person, please email Tina Ozee or Samantha Klemm
Thank you so much! We really appreciate all our families at GCS!
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


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