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More and more of us are realizing that our future depends on protecting the health and wellbeing of our children and the planet. To do so we must educate new generations of citizens with the skills to solve the global environmental problems we face. How can we have a green future or a green economy without green schools?

Benefits of Going Green at School:

  • Going green help protect the environment and save our planet
  • Research shows that greener school environments can improve student’s health and learning as well as counteract some of the unhealthy environmental factors and practices often employed by schools
  • It teaches the students to be less wasteful and more responsible
  • It could save energy and even lower utility bills for schools
  • It teaches the students how important it is to take care of the earth as they are growing up this is something they see with their own eyes.
  • Setting a good example for others (It can be your friends or your family) – They will benefit from seeing the way you act about the environment as they will act accordingly.

Save Money, Improve Health: Here’s the good news — there’s a growing body of research showing that green schools save money and raise test scores, while improving health. A 2006 U.S. Green Building Council report showed that green schools cost $3 more per square foot, but generated $74 per square foot in benefits from energy savings, increased attendance, and teacher retention.

Empower Kids: Ultimately, sustainability is about being good global citizens: ensuring adequate resources for a clean, healthy environment for all. Imagine if schools were leaders in environmental sustainability, giving students the tools to be innovators, and giving them a healthy environment in which to learn and play.

Green schools empower kids to make a difference, and teach them environmental and health values that will stay with them for life.

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Wherever possible, GCS will support Going Green efforts.
All general student information will be communicated to you in one of two ways: email directly or posted on the GCS website.  If there is any communication that need to be sent home to you, we will still have a Wednesday folder program. Please be aware there will be a significantly less amount of will mainly be contacted through one of the two mentioned avenues.

We encourage you to reach out to the school office if you have questions.

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More and more of us are realizing that our future…
More and more of us are realizing that our future…