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Being on the Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a huge responsibility for both the student and the parent(s). As a student leader, you will be responsible for attending meetings and some school events. Parents should make sure their children have reliable transportation to get to designated areas. Also, parents need to be there to support their children in any events they have. Furthermore, students in the SLT will be required to maintain an A/B average throughout the year.

Students that do not have an A/B average at the end of the six weeks will be placed on probation. Any student that does not bring up their average once he/she is placed on probation will not be able to participate on the SLT.

If you have read and understand the above clearly and are willing to accept the challenge; which will be a fun and rewarding experience, then go ahead and download application packet and return it to the GCS office.

Download application packet >

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Being on the Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a huge…
Being on the Student Leadership Team (SLT) is a huge…
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