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Message from the Interim Director

Tina Ozee
Interim Director

Welcome to 2019!

Students are back in school, gearing up for the science fair, and I am sure hoping for a few more snow

I cannot miss this opportunity to say I am happy to be welcoming Mr. Braakman back home, and happy
to have Mrs. Carlson join our GCS family! Both bring experience, compassion, and commitment to their
students. We are very fortunate to have them.

January also brought sad news of losing Ms. Goldfarb to her next position. We wish her all the best, and
thank her for all she has done for our students this year.

The Executive School Board is already making progress on the School Leadership search. With
numerous applicants, rest assured they are making every effort to find someone committed to our
students, our staff, and our community.

In addition to the board’s efforts, our Student Leadership Team talked to students and staff to see what
was most important to them in the school leadership search. As you can imagine, those responses were
a variety of attributes, and will be shared with the school board in an upcoming meeting.

Good news is on the horizon for our music instruction. I hope to be making an official announcement
very shortly.


On a more personal note to the staff of GCS:

As I watch the news, seeing the issues facing school districts around us, I cannot thank you
enough for what you do every day for the students attending GCS. You inspire our students. You
recognize a bad day and make it better. You engage. You challenge, yet still have moments of success.
From support staff to instructional teachers, YOU all are the reason we are able to open our doors and
welcome in students, parents, and our community. THANK YOU!


Tina Ozee
Interim Director, Georgetown Community School

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