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Message from the Head of School

October 4, 2018
Douglas Gordon Hesbol, Ed.D.
Head of School
504 N. 4th St.
Georgetown, CO  80444

Dear GCS Parent,

It looks like fall has arrived and it sounds like winter is coming soon!

We’ve have a very fast and very productive start to our new school year. We’re now in our seventh week of school and we have settled into a daily routine supporting our staff, students, and are welcoming our community to be part of the life of our school. The name Georgetown Community School was named for this specific purpose.

The GCS Parent Teacher Organization, led by President Jamie Kochevar, has developed an ambitious fundraising agenda for this fall and the entire year. They are working to support our school and everyone involved. Watch for the soon to be announced activities as our school and community come to life.

Congratulations to the newly elected GCS School Accountability Committee (SAC). The committee is comprised of the following individuals.  Chairperson, Liz Kultgen, Vice Chair, Jessica Ballard, Recorder, Michael Robinson (but this is a rotating position among the members), Board of Directors Matthew Schmalz, Staff Representative, Megan Braakman, Community Member, Kimberly Knox, and me as the Head of School representative. We began organizing as a committee two weeks ago. Our first official meeting will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in the GCS Café.

Thanks to the vision of our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Tina Ozee, she was instrumental in establishing a process for selecting 11 students from grades fourth through six to be our first Student Leadership Team (SLT). We have recognized our students who have come forward to take a leadership role in our school. These students include Soteri Tousimis, Noah Clark, Pressley King, Ayden Mellon, Cadence Jennings, Shelby Lewis, Aerah Fulton, Ellie Bottomley, Merrell Harvey, Skyler Clark, and Orbie Fare. The facilitating sponsor of our young leaders is Mrs. Megan Braakman, 5th grade teacher.

It is with great pleasure and pride to let you know our Board of Directors approved and directed me to install our first electronic access safety system for the entrances to both of our buildings. Individuals may now press a button on the main entrance to our building, will be recognized by our office staff, and buzzed in to enter the building and the main office. We will continue to install other safety related equipment to ensure the safety of everyone within our two buildings. You will also note we have motion-sensored lights around the outside of our buildings that gone on during the night when there is motion when approaching the building. The lights remain on for several minutes or as long as there is motion in proximity to the lights.

We continue to receive support for the Mountain Back-Pack Program. It is our commitment to help students and families who may need additional support through the school year.

To recognize Fire Safety Month, the Clear Creek Fire Department brought a number of vehicles, including the ladder truck with its ladder fully extended, and a presentation by our first responders for all children in our school. You may have noticed red fire hats and honorary Fire Helpers Badges that our kids received during this activity.

Collectively, the Board of Directors and all GCS Staff are deeply committed to Instructional Improvement for each of our students and the Safety of everyone in our two buildings and playgrounds around our school. You will notice we are making efforts to improve the climate and make all areas. This summer and fall we installed mats on the walls and posts in our gym. We are soon to install new metal stairs on the steps in the back of the building near where the bus drops off and picks up our students. The new steps, which have been special ordered, will permit snow and ice to fall between the open steps.  These are the steps similar to what you find at local ski resorts. We expect these to be installed sometime in November. If you see things or have concerns about safety within or outside of our buildings, please let me know so we can address your concern.

We are very proud of our school and community. We look forward to the continuous improvement of all dimensions of our programs with the primary focus of supporting our Students? We’re very glad you’re part of our community!


Sincerely yours,

Douglas Gordon Hesbol, Ed.D.

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