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Message from the Head of School

August 30, 2018
Douglas Gordon Hesbol, Ed.D.
Head of School
504 N. 4th St.
Georgetown, CO  80444

Dear GCS Parent,

We are now well into our first full week of school. This has been a very exciting start for everyone!

Getting GCS Ready for Your Return: We often forget what happens to get our school ready for a new school year. My special thanks to Tina Ozee, Stacey Roland, P.J. Barrows, and our amazing Head Custodian for the work they all accomplished to have your school ready for your return. Please thank them when you see them!

Back to School Night: My thanks to our staff and parents for participating in our annual “Back to School Night”. It was a great turn-out providing all who attended to participate in our GCS Scavenger Hunt. Families had a chance to visit their children’s classrooms and visit both the Main Building and Annex so everyone sees all that GCS has to offer our students. Each family who completed the Scavenger Hunt received a prize in our updated school office. Congratulations to the GCS PTA who made $200.00 from the sale of Hot Dogs.

Early Childhood Programs: We are pleased to offer both our Pre-K and Pre-School programs. You may have noticed our staff repainted our three rooms and installed windows that open to provide fresh air for students and staff.

First day of School: The first day of school was a great success with the introduction of new staff and welcome staff, students, parents and the community back to school.

First Responders: I was pleased to see representatives of the Clear Creek County’s Sheriff’s Office as well as representatives of the Georgetown Police Department at our “Back to School Night” activity. It is always a pleasure to have their presence in our school and community!

GCS Weekend Fundraiser: Last weekend, due to the good idea generated by Matthew Schmalz, we held a special fundraiser and dinner at the Hotel de Paris. This was an evening filled with great conversation and sharing time together. The event raised over $3,000 for our school. As special thanks to Kevin Kuharic for opening this historical treasure for this activity. Many thanks to Amanda Cooper, Matthew Schmalz and Jamie Kochevar for their generous support for this event!

Gold Rush Duck Race: Don’t forget to participate in the 2nd Annual Gold Rush Duck Race on Sunday, September 2, 2018. The proceeds from this event benefit HGI Preservation Projects and Restoration to the Hamill House.

Safety First: Thanks for the support and students as we practiced our first state required Fire Drill on Tuesday, August 29, 2018. This was a chance for everyone to learn what is required for this drill including quietly walking to our designated safe areas. Thanks to Kenny Jackson for his support in completing the first drill of the year.

GCS PTO: I hope you are all as proud of the PTO as I am. Jamie Kochevar is providing remarkable leadership for a growing group of parents who a making a significant difference for our school and community. Just wait for the great plans they have for this school year. Thank you!

GCS Website: This summer Jason Valdez and Tina Ozee worked together to create  an exceptional GCS Website. It will be interactive and will provide many links to information about our school and programs. Watch for additional changes as they are added!

As you can see, there is much to be proud of related to our school, our staff, our students, our programs, our community and the future! We so glad you’re part of the GCS adventure!


Sincerely yours,

Douglas Gordon Hesbol, Ed.D.

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